Instrument straps with genuine snake hides!  Made by Dr.
Swampgrass himself. And yes, he catches them; skins them; and
tans them!  All straps are mounted on real cowhide leather.

Mandolin strap ~ $90.00

Banjo strap ~ $125.00

Guitar strap ~ $125.00

Or call to order yours today! 478-697-6162
Each strap is 2" wide and custom made to fit you, so when ordering
please have your measurements for the length (hole to hole on your
current strap).

VALUABLE DISCOUNT!!  You can receive a $20.00 discount if you
come and help the Dr. catch a snake!  Everyone's welcome!
Larry Gillis
Check this big boy out!
13 rattlers and a button, 64 1/2
inches long, enough venom in this
Timber Rattler to kill over fifty, two
hundred pound men.
Or how about this one!
A Diamond Back that is 62
inches long with nine rattles
and a button.
This is after the tanning
The same two big snakes plus a
smaller Diamond Back that will
shortly become an instrument
Snakes, and more snakes
October 2012